Sand sculpting

Sand sculpture of a Mermaid Rust Croft

Sand ArtistThese photos and video clip were taken on August 28, 2011 at the World Class Sand Sculpting Tournament of Champions held in Federal Way, Washington. My wife and I had a nice conversation with the well-known sand sculptor and Travel Channel personality, Rust Croft. He is shown near the end of the video.

Rusty shared his passion for sand sculpting and reiterated that the sand from the Federal Way quarry is truly some of the best for sculpting. As I understand, it is “glacier till sand” that has fine, sharp grains that lock together well.

  • AMOUNT OF SAND ALLOWED: solos have 10 yards of sand, which is essentially one dump truck load. Doubles have 20 yards of sand or two dump truck loads.
  • AMOUNT OF TIME ALLOWED: There is a time limit to compete and everyone has the same amount of time. Solos have 28 man hours, Doubles have 56 man hours. Both contests run 28 hours.
  • HOW THE FINAL SCULPTURES STAY TOGETHER: Finished sculptures can be sprayed with very diluted Elmer’s glue to put an egg-shell type coating on the surface only. It helps protect against surface drying and light rain.

Sand Sculpture of Car Redscale


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