Famous computers in history at the Living Computer Museum


Apple MacintoshIn October 2012, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen opened the Living Computer Museum in Seattle, Washington.  As the title of the place indicates, this is a “living” museum in that these are running machines, not unplugged exhibits. As stated on the museum’s website, the goal is to breathe life back into the machines so the public can experience what it was like to see them, hear them, and interact with them.

Not only do you see many of the great home computers, such as the IBM PC, Apple Macintosh, Commodore 64, but you experience the large mainframes from the 1960s and 70s. After touring the mainframe area, one is left guessing how expensive the power bill must be every month! No worries, with the support of Paul Allen and other donors, these machines remain humming, taking you back to another day in time. It’s the perfect place to celebrate the achievements of the computer pioneers whose designs started a revolution in technology and changed the world forevermore.


It was as welcome surprise to learn taking photos and video is allowed at the museum, so if you go, be sure to take your camera along. While I didn’t capture every computer on display, I highlight some of the more popular classic you’ll see when you visit.


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