Wayne Devin McGrawWelcome!  I’m Wayne and I appreciate your interest in what I’m sharing on studiomcgraw.com.

Over the years, I’ve posted small, documentary-like videos on my YouTube channel. During this time, I’ve receive quite a few emails from viewers asking about certain details about the place (or thing) I’m shooting.

That leads me to why I’ve started this site. It’s here I collect and share thoughts and photos that accompany the videos I post on YouTube. My intention has not been to create a full-blown travel site. Instead, I’m an educator at heart with a passion for uncovering things that represent a good marriage of art and science.

Also, I appreciate the fact that the Web has allowed all of us to travel and see places and things we would never have experienced in the past. As I mention on my YouTube channel, I’ve been a YouTube fan since its inception. When the site first launched, I celebrated the fact that I could “tour” interesting sites around the world through others’ videos.

Unfortunately, back then, much of the video posted was poor quality. I remember seeing a piece someone posted about Hong Kong. I so desperately wanted to watch more, but the video was so shaky and blurry. So instead of complaining about it, or accepting that online video was to be such poor quality, I purchased an affordable camera, studied up on videograpghy, and started sharing topics that intrigued me.

Like with most folks, posting videos to YouTube is not my day job, but a wonderful hobby that I hope touches others in a positive way. It makes my day when someone writes to me, saying that they appreciate seeing a place Ive posted because they’ve never been there — or they don’t think they can make it there because of distance or money.

If you like what you see, please subscribe. I don’t mind receiving feedback of any kind, so please feel free to share. Thanks for your interest and support.  Take care.


  • I hold a graduate degree in linguistics.
  • Even though I’ve served in non-profits most of my life, I love to teach.
  • I was quite young when my parent’s died, so I’ve appreciated living life to its fullest. After watching Rick Steeves on PBS for the first time in my young 20s, I knew travel was affordable and possible as long as you save well and make it a goal. So, knowing how life can be so short, I, along with my wife, fell in love with traveling back then. The world is truly my classroom, and I find about any subject under the sun interesting.

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