Hall of Mirrors at Palace of Versailles

Gilded sculptured guéridons Hall of Mirrors Palace of Versailles

Gilded sculptured guéridonsThis great hall is one of the most remarkable features at Versailles in France. Built by King Louis XIV starting around 1678, the room has played a pivotal role in history. Kings used it for major functions through the centuries. In recent history, one of the peace treaties to end World War I — Treaty of Versailles — was signed in this majestic room.

Of note, there are seventeen mirror-clad arches on one wall of the room, and they reflect the light streaming in from the seventeen windows opposite them. Each mirrored arch contains 21 mirrors. When one recognizes that mirrors in the 17th century cost an exuberant amount of money, it’s easy to imagine how guests must have been astounded by the view.

I shot this video in the middle of October, and while most of the day was dreary, the clouds parted as I entered Versailles, which allowed for late day sun to stream in through the windows.


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